Co-op Campaign (Audio and Video off)

I just got the game on Steam and I played one big team battle game with a friend, it was amazing, no connection issues or anything. After that we tried to play the campaign, the player list kept popping up showing one person flashing and the others with very poor connections. Also the first cutscene was playing very slow and the audio was way off. The music played all the way with no problems, but the cutscene kept going without music. Eventually someone lagged out and then I did. I am not sure if this is a connection issue between me and my friends or MCC Reach itself. It’s very disappointing I waited 3 hours to install Reach and I can’t even play it with my buddies.

having the same issue, regular multiplayer runs great no issues what so ever. Campaign on the other hand is 100% unplayable due to the extreme lag that we have had.