note that in searching i haven’t come across any concept like this, so please correct me if im wrong!!!

also note i am no Master Chief or MLG level world champ…just a Halo fan with clumsy fat fingers who wishes he could solo legendary campaigns and has no gaming friends to co-op legendary…completing legendary or even heroic is so far beyond my solo FPS skills and i confess probably always will be…simply i aint a NOOB but I SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

here it is, now tear it apart:

HALO 4 (or future halo game) AI FIRETEAM for CO-OP campaign and spartan ops


purchased DLC PACKAGE (costing xxxx amount of money/points) consisting of a 3 spartan team that can be accessed when picking co-op in either campaign or spartan ops (or future versions thereof) run as AI followers that guard actual single gamer’s back when playing without actual real-life co-op partners.
can be used on any difficulty.

eg. you can play co-op as a single player with the co-op positions taken up by AI instead of your 3 non-existent friends.

as a purchased DLC it will bring in money for microsoft, but also can be expanded through upgrade dlc to make fireteam better ie. dlc loadouts, dlc armour, dlc attitude modifier (passive to moderate to aggressive)


FIRETEAM AI will stay within a confined radius of actual player position.
this WILL STOP anyone sitting back while AI kill all enemies for them.

FIRETEAM AI will begin passive defensive, attacking only enemies who come within set radius of player position. this means NO AI snipers. (even with DLC “upgradeable attitude” from passive up to highly aggressive. still NO AI snipers)

FIRETEAM AI kills will not count towards player achievements/commendations.
this is as a trade off for the defensive help and will still force player to outplay AI to get max score.

FIRETEAM AI will only count towards co-op play NEVER solo.

FIRETEAM AI will begin with standard loadout assault rifle and magnum. NO grenades. NO armour abilities. NO support upgrades.
*purchase “LOADOUT unlock” DLC packages to upgrade FIRETEAM loadouts.

FIRETEAM AI will have unlockable full customization towards armour for each of the 3 members so player can have fun making 3 individuals or 3 clones.
unlock idea 1: DLC that unlocks armour options OR idea 2: whatever player has unlocked in game already PICK ONE.

FIRETEAM AI will level up to a set maximum level (10? 20? 50?) and will level at a rate of (1/10th, 1/4, 1/2 or =) player EXP.
higher level AI will be smarter? quicker? tougher? OR this level could just be used simply to open upgrades to armour maybe…

but i am always thinking purchasable DLC just to make my case in the monetary options… i know a concept like this will cost mega-bucks if it ever actually (read miraculously) happened to be seen by 343, considered by 343, and most unlikely of all developed and implemented. DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM!

now i will be ecstatic if any of you forummers (haha i made a funny. SARCASM!) even read this and reply.

criticism or no i want replies. please dont read and dismiss.


give me feedback, give your own ideas or add-ons to this concept please criticize so i know im not alone in this place.

feel free to tell me im an unskilled noob with no right to post threads on this forum nor even play any halo game.

but above all i encourage you to tell any and all moderators to investigate this thread because they might even like the idea and are probably the only people who can reach anybody from 343 to let them have a laugh at my naivety and childish dreams.

thanks for anything,
and remember to never give up, never surrender and just respawn until you prevail!..or the timer runs out…haha

cheers all,