Co-op Achievements Playing Now!

Looking for co-op partner for achievements. Heroic difficulty. Mic is a plus but not req.

Im down invite kingleoh

Added. Done for tonight Kingleoh but back for more tmrw.

I am down whenever I am on. Just send me a invite whenever you ready. I have mic btw.

MaJoRbIg81 added.

Online now, another play session ongoing.

Need the following:

Preying Mantis
Worms Don’t Surf
Prison Break

If you are still looking I would be glad to join up with you.

I am free a lot soon, and I can help you with many achievements. Feel free to add/message me.

Looking for people to get some achievements.
Message me.
GT: iDeFuZe X

gamertag: YouthGoneWild08 (zero eight at end, not an “o”)

I am interested in joining/helping. I have 11 achievements left and they are all the heroic lvl mission requirements. I also have a mic. Thanks

Is there anyone that is still down to get the co-op achievements? I am playing right now Gamertag: E1RAFA. Just send a message.

I’m also available, only a couple more story based Achievements to go. SgtPepper01

Spartan Bull2855 Reporting for Duty

Guys should list what you still need, in case OP is done already.

If you need help, X NeonZero X - I’ll do what I can ^.^