Co op achievements help

I just need the co op achievements. Anyone willing to help? :slight_smile:

Hello! I am looking for a motivated and talented gamer to get through Halo Wars 2 Legendary Coop Campagin with me, too. Unfortunately, my best skill is only enough to beat the campaign on normal and getting all gold medals. My goal is to obtain all achievements but therefore I need help. I am 31 years old and live in Germany. Your age, origin or culture does not matter to me. It’s just about having a great time together and getting those achievements of course : )
Pls message me via Xbox Live for faster response.
Thank you.

I see you knocked out this achievement. Congrats.

I’m looking for this as well. Not sure what the easiest way is. I have the last two achievements to go.

Always looking for people to …play HW2 with.
GT SweepyTV

Add me and let me know what you are thinking