Clutch 3 Teaser Trailer: Halo Reach Montage

Personal Stuff:
It’s been a really long time since I have done a Halo project, about a year and a half at this point, but I decided I would create one final montage and finish the Clutch series I started with Whackamole almost 3 years ago now. When we originally started the Clutch project we wanted to make it a 3 part series so we saved many of the best clips for last. I also wanted to exponentially increase the quality of each montage throughout the process, but after Clutch 2 I wasn’t technically prepared for Clutch 3 so I kinda went into hiding and just taught myself a ton of 3D and compositing while I was away. Whackamole and I were both very surprised at how well the original Clutch was taken. It now has nearly 35k views total and we only expected it to get a couple thousand if that. We want to thank everyone who supported us and the series and we want you to know that we are striving to bring you the best finale to this series we can create.

Technical Stuff:
This short teaser was just designed to get the word out there that this is happening, no gameplay was ever planned or intended to be used in it, so I apologize if that disappoints anyone. I built the background environment in Vue and then I modeled the spartan in ZBrush. I originally planned to render everything out in Vue, but the estimated render was around 7 days (I had 112 billion polygons and not enough money to set up an amazon cloud render farm to render it all out). So I ended up taking everything in AE and compositing it piece by piece in there. This is all hand made 3d developed by me over the last few days. If anyone is interested in how it was done I am more than happy to make some instructional videos. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!