Clowns of Osiris

We are the clowns of osiris
we are an active clan and are actively recruiting
We are looking for some chill Spartans that are willing to have fun but be able to regroup and be serious when needed
The 4 original founders of the clowns of Osiris all met and shared their love of video games in Halo Reach now our clan has a Destiny,Halo,Over watch community and might be working on a call of duty one depending on how toxic the WW2 community is like all the other cods, we are some chill guys building a community we do have clan wars every once and awhile and we love raiding just like the good old reach days

  • Respect everyone in the Clan - No teabagging anyone in the clan - be able to have fun - no swearing - no discrimination and against race/ageTo join contact me or any of the other leaders via through xbox or halowaypoint messaging:
    Texadaboy VII or Sgt Billy II

Sgt Waffles II