Cloud9 is dropping their Halo Infinite team… is the HCS scene doomed?

With Cloud9 bowing out of the HCS, how’s the Halo competitive scene gonna hold up going forward? They’re one of the biggest names in esports, right up there with FaZe. C9 leaving is not a good look for Infinite.

I don’t want to come across as too negative here—I’m just concerned. Hopefully things carry on as usual with the HCS, but only time will tell.


They should cancel all HCS stuff so they can focus on a finished product/game. Use the resources and money to hire people to help you put out updates faster instead of playing a broken tournament. Good for cloud 9, I hope more pull out.


I’m not a fan of the HCS but maybe it should be rested for a while so 343i can focus on the game its self. When all is said and done Halo should always be a fun social game to enjoy with your buddies.


In my honest opinion, waypoint users are sorta disconnected from reality if you’re all questioning HCS’s existence. Year 1 of Infinite has had only TWO complete and total W’s. One of those is forge, and the other is HCS.

Doesn’t make any sense at all to get rid of one of only two successful parts of Infinite’s year 1


Have to agree. Sometimes people forget that social media tends to box your head in, so to speak.

If the The NE Patriots, or the All Blacks, or Manchester United for some reason decided to dissolve their teams, do you think their respective leagues would be doomed? (I know Esports organizations are set up very different, but I think the comparison stands)

It certainly isn’t inconsequential, but HCS is going to be just fine.



343 talked so much about HCS how it would grow with the game and evolve into this amazing eco system.

However they forgot one tiny thing……,

To have a sustainable E sports ecosystem
It must be based around a great game that people love playing……

not a game that drove hundreds of thousands of people away and generated nothing but anguish for the community and treated them to a wall of silence.

It’s is not a coincidence that other games E sports are thriving, Fortnite, Warzone, COD, Apex.

Infinte just doesn’t have the fan base now to sustain HCS………It did but sadly, even with forge it’s not making a come back.


I would personally like to see HCS go away completely. 343 seems way too focused on what a handful of pros want vs, what the fanbase wants. Due to this, any fun, random, goofy glitches, jumps, etc get removed ASAP because they need to maintain the integrity of the game for competition. I agree this is necessary for HCS to be taken seriously, but that is exactly why I’d like to see it gone completely.


Have an HCS Playlist that plays their settings while other play lists are more casual. I don’t hold out hope for this option since additional play lists seem to give 343 fits.


I don’t claim to know what resources are required to run and maintain HCS, but I can’t imagine it’s insignificant. And when you see the steep player drop off, HCS doesn’t seem to be providing much in return. If it costs a lot and doesn’t offer much in return, I don’t see it as a W.


I can’t disagree with this. Halo became a great competitive game after it was a fun game. It’s clear to me that 343 is trying harder to make a pure competitive game and thinking the fun will come as a consequence of it. I believe the opposite is true.


Even the minor HCS events last year pulled 50-80k viewers for the entire season. I believe grand finals for the world championships in Seattle broke all time HCS viewership records iirc, but it might be second to the huge opening major when general gaming was still hyped for the game.

I’m just surprised at the take. Been watching HCS content basically all year and most of the revenue complaints by orgs revolved around huge gaps in event dates at some points which implies a want for more, not less.

Plus the consistently high event viewership.

Plus sponsored orgs are on record saying the HCS store sales haven’t been that bad but could definitely grow.

Plus new orgs coming into the sponsorship scene even if others have left.

Plus a super healthy open bracket scene for majors.

I just feel like the take that ‘HCS isn’t doing well’ is just coming out of no where without much to stand on

In b4 “i will never be able to get the twitch drops.”

This sucks, but im not surprised. 343i shot themselves in the foot with some of their match rulings along with the kerfuffle about pocketing the $ from the HCS shop items that was supposedly meant to fund the monetary rewards of the tournament. I remember many teams saying that they would drop Halo shorty after those things happened.

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Isn’t NADED coming back for next season, and space station will be stacked. Optic is the new final boss. What point are you trying to make. Not like cloud 9 didn’t have amazing players, just their strategy was broken.

In my opinion, too many OG pro players retired from the older halos (Halo 4 and before). That’s what we are missing. Because this run and gun game strategy that these new pros use isn’t made for rock hard mlg team setups. Teamshots always prevail in this game with the shield system.

The funniest part about this is that infinite might be the least competitive Halo to date. Maps are all 3 lane garbage, no power positions, power items spawn extremely infrequently so there’s nothing to do except roll around the map as a 4 man teamshotting the enemy.

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Might end up like H5 where it was pretty good first year or so and then orgs left and it eventually died completely. I’m gonna be honest though, Infinite isn’t very fun to watch imo. H5 was crazy entertaining in comp but Infinite is pretty bland.

I could be wrong, but it seems as if creativity in the game has been suffocated so that 343 could pursue esports as fast as possible. Why don’t we have as many weapons and vehicles as we had in Halo 5, for example? Sure, there’s a lot of development that needs to go into that, but Infinite really doesn’t have much to offer. I didn’t particularly love Halo 5, but even 5 had way more to it. Maybe 343 should drop esports for now to actually refine and develop a good, creative, and fun product.


They need more maps and different play styles. HCS only used the same 343 maps all year round. That gets boring. I’ve never seen a pro circuit not change up the game modes or maps at least halfway into the season.

True, they certainly act like they don’t have enough employees to manage the business in every aspect


Cloud9 isn’t really gone, they just did what team Envy did with Optic Gaming, yes Cloud9 as a Team name will be gone, but their Team Roster isn’t, their joining with Spacestation Gaming which you’d all know if you kept with media on YouTube and Twitter, instead of freaking out and making accusations. YouTuber Kevinkoolx once again covers the details on this news of a situation.

Successful and lasting F2P games seem to have strong competitive scenes. So if that’s what the F2P Halo was about, it doesn’t look like its succeeding. There is probably a ton of money they can make from esport and that is why they chasing that trend but IMO not every game is suited for that.
Basically those games have one competitive game mode (and some even one only map) with some in game economy system that that allows more strategy. HALO is a competitive game but to me esports is another beast.
I remember Blizzard dropping every competitive scene they put money to create so HCS could end up like that too.