Cloud Computing and Halo

With the reveal of Crackdown 3, and the showcase of cloud computing in action, proving that it is in fact a viable concept and not just buzz words with out any merit. how do you think this could be implemented into the Halo franchise? right now Crackdown is using it for its multiplayer, allowing the entire city to be 100% destructible,but the possibility of offloading computation to the cloud can be applied to many other things, so how do you think Halo can use the cloud? procedural generated maps and player space? extended budget for forge? Non linear 4 player co-op Exploration mode? what are your ideas?

I imagine it is being used for the AI and physics in Warzone, just like Titanfall.

I’d rather 343i focus on upping the ante on the Halo engine or resorting to Unreal 4 with the next Halo game than using the never-before-used Cloudgine.

Cloud is confirmed. Josh Holmes answered me on here stating it’s used for AI and physics. Link