Close Warzone games are intense.

I have to say. I am really enjoying Warzone games. Especially when they are close. The last couple hundred points in a close game have to be one of the most intense gaming I’ve ever had.
Well done 343i.

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They are. Usually, I try not to worry much about the outcome in warzone. But if both teams are in the 900s… things get pretty intense. I have seen people plug their mics in, listen to teamates to group up, pull out reqs when they werent before, just to try and eek out that win.

I cant help myself but to get into it, pull out the reqs im good with, and get all try hard. And curse alot.

I’ve been apart of a draw. Mind blown lol.

Yep, those close games are the best (I find it funner than a close arena match) Once my team was losing 875 to 950, and Warden Eternal was out front of the Spire (I’ve told this story somewhere else, but why not?)

We had the Spire, and we were just pouring our bullets onto the Warden, while many of the enemies were picking us off like cherries. Warden was getting really low on health, and our teammates were getting picked off, and thought there’s no way we could win. So I went for a last-ditch effort to kill him- an overhead ground pound. At first, got a running start and jumped off the Spire (and got a few bullets put in me in the process) then Warden noticed me and tried to shoot me, but I dodged it with a thrust. At that point, my shields were super low and Warden only had a sliver of health left, so I charged up and hit 'em in the head.

I still don’t know how, but I got the kill, and the win. Not a split-second later a tank shot blew right through the remains of Warden’s body (Enemy tank of course) and as soon as we heard Palmer say “Victory” my entire team just started yelling uncontrollably. Easily my favorite game of all time. I regret not taking a video of that. But let’s be honest, who would actually use XboxDVR to watch it? It has the worst speeds ever.

This is why I love Halo. Close victories with a 1/100 chance of working successfully. I wouldn’t give much anything to give away stuff like that

Yesterday I had a game where we where losing 835-982 and the warden was there. We managed to kill him, and then it was really intense with both teams having about 990 points, luckilu we won

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> I have to say. I am really enjoying Warzone games. Especially when they are close. The last couple hundred points in a close game have to be one of the most intense gaming I’ve ever had.
> Well done 343i.

I also love Warzone especially when the matches are really close. I have had a couple Warzone games come within just a few points. Something around 1000/998. Even if I lose that battle it is fun. I really like the close long battles.

That’s why I love playing assault you can always clutch a win no matter how much you were getting thrashed originally.

Close Warzone games are intense. But for me and from what I see here for a lot of people there are not too many of them. For me Its about 1 out of every 10 games that are actually close and intense. Most matches are complete blowouts with a point spread of 400+ or a lot more. I’m to the point now I will not play regular warzone any more. Until they change the points structure, I will only play Warzone Assault unless my friends want me to play it with them.

Had a game, we were 200 pts behind. Something around 960-700.

warden came out. Someone captured the last base, i was close so I quickly ran to their base and damaged the cored down to 25% before anyone got there.

we struggled to do any more damage. They had most of their guys on the warden and they had tanks, TANKS man, TANKS, the big black scary ones, the good -Yoink- and warden’s energy was getting really low, and they were around 990.

4 of us went through their left base entrance, I took the left, the others went to the right(towards the core) the 2-3 enemy spartan focused their fire on me which allowed teammates to take them out and then take out the core. We won 1000-996

True words!
I love those close intense games,warzone is really rockin imo one of the best gametypes since CTF.
I would love to see more gametypes added to Warzone,this massive playercount and REQ’s really doing a good job.