Close region servers should be used for rank games

I’ve logged almost 300 hours into Halo 5, most in Slayer. I use mostly precision weapons. This season I’m averaging 64% accuracy and almost 9 headshots a match in Slayer. Yes…I’m a one trick pony (as I’m not good at much else) but it’s how I enjoy playing the game.

I say this to make the point that it’s pretty easy to tell when I have high ping vs. low ping. When I go visit my parents in Chicago, it feels like I’m playing on a lan connection and I’m a solid Diamond level player. There are many times a day when I’m back home and I’m consistently getting match-made to people far Southwest and I struggle to beat Gold level players. The difference ping makes in a skill based, precision game like Halo 5 is drastic. My performance swings wildly by hours depending on the latencyt. There are times of day when latency is relatively low and this only makes those high latency play sessions much more noticeable.

I understand. 343 can’t make everyone happy. Reduce ping for everyone and matchmaking times get high. When playing casual, unranked games, the general community is going to notice high wait times over high ping. Low ranked players who are using short range weapons and Spartan Charges won’t notice high ping but will notice high wait times. But there should be an option to wait for local, regional servers when games are ranked. Especially for Platinum level players and above. Just make it an option.

I can deal with getting owned or dominated by much better players. I can tolerate getting matched against much better people if it means more local servers. I can’t enjoy this game when I’m matched up for hours against lower rated players and can’t finish them with precision weapons because shots aren’t counting. Many of the NorthEast players who I used to game with late at night have left Halo 5 because their shots stopped registering. Some thought the precision weapons were nerfed. I realize this issue isn’t everyday or all day (as larger populations mean there’s a better chance for local servers). But when populations shrink, let us prioritize performance over wait times.

Yep I agree. Why find a game quickly if I’m just going to encounter high ping - it’s practically the same as not playing at all.