Cloaking, and other misc questions.

So halo wars 1 was my jam. Loved the playstyle, the controls, the overall feel of the game. Haven’t played halo wars 2 enough yet to really know where I stand entirely on this one, but so far its pretty decent. (multiplayer wise, I don’t really play RTS for campaign, although I will complete that for sure down the line)I have some general unit/ability questions, though. I may be missing where there is an overview of the different units and abilities somewhere, and if so I would love to be directed that way.


  • When it comes to the cloaking feature for bases, it seems like they’re essentially un-targetable unless you have a unit with detect? Is this true?
  • And units like shrouds. Are your units cloaked while attacking so un-targetable while the ability is active, or does the cloak break when combat begins?I remember in halo wars 1 the arbiter would be completely invisible until he attacked, and then he was visible. Was just curious if this was the same idea.Im going to search around a bit for a general unit/ability overview somewhere, but I figured I would start here.

<em>Note for 343 if reading*</em>I do want to say that Im excited about the variety of game modes available in this one, so kudos to you guys at 343 for that! Kinda disappointed about the fact I feel like Im still playing the covenant, with just a different color scheme… But! I am optimistic.

PS. You should throw the storyline out the window and make the flood a playable race because we were all waiting patiently for that to happen in halo wars 1.