Cliffhanger - An 8v8 BTB Map

So, a while ago I put together my wits of Halo 5’s creation of Forge. I decided to build something. I only had a few words in my mind when I wanted to build the map, and that was “Big, natural, metallic, bridge, beautiful.” And I constructed a map called Cliffhanger, now the gameplay is not mine. But I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

This map:

  • Had gone through several names, such as: Cliffside, Aborea, and Canvas. - Has it’s own story! (Which I’ll post in the near future!) - Was almost scrapped. After a few hours of building the map, I had accidentally screwed up the Blue base in the midst of duplicating it. And being the idiot I am, I forgot to save. I was dearly hurt.Download here!:
    Cliffhanger - By DAJSK

> Cliff hanger, hanging from a cliff! That’s why he’s called Cliff Hanger!!!

I’ll give this map a go.