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Greeting Spartans.

My name is Enaemaehkiw (Ah-naam-ah-kee). I’m not sure how else I can start this, so i’ll start with this. I want to help this Halo Clan Community.
I want to see if I can take a load off of other clan leader’s shoulders. I noticed a lot of clans and Spartan companies here that do not have any members or have a really hard time recruiting. I just want you to hear me out, I have an idea. I have no idea how to word this, so I’m going to simply state it.

You should consider disbanding your clan, and joining mine. OR allow me to help you build your clan up with successful tips.
I know I sound like some ad for rehab. I know this sound really drastic, but here’s why I suggest this. A lot of people have the drive to start a clan, they have some decent ideas, they recruit a few people. Then those members become inactive, throw shade at the leader, now the leader has the skeleton of a clan that had potential. The clan only ran well for a week or two. I have personally seen this more then I can count my fingers. I would like to say I run one of the few clans that have decent structure. It’s not strict or ridiculous, and geared towards what matters in the end. Having a fun personalized experience. I have the tips to help you to reinforce your clan with years of clan leadership experience under my belt. I have the clan to give you a good welcoming place where you do not need to worry about the struggles of maintaining constantly checking on other members to see if they exist the next day. Go on the Spartan companies here on Halo Waypoint, look how many Spartan Companies have a few members are dead with only like 1 or 2 members. Don’t be like the 100’s of clans out there just that fell apart.

A lot of people may or may not get offended by this, but just think about it. I mean no harm, but to help people. I need consistent members, or alliances. I can help you. We can help each other. You can privately message my gamer tag or my Halo waypoint account. Or you can comment here on this post if you’re interested.

I’m going to send you a message over the chat system here, in hopes you’ll hear out the offer in which I’ve got for you.