Cleared all on Legendary difficulty


Cleared HALO Infinite for the 3rd time!
Funny points of Japanese subtitles that existed before WinterUpdate
I felt that some of the lighting in the outdoors was fixed.

I hate “Silent Auditorium” lol

I’m so happy to finally be able to play a campaign that works properly,
where’s the rest?
Are there rumors?

There are islands that I haven’t visited yet, and I want to land there.
I hope Zeta Halo spreads even if it doesn’t lead to the truth about Atriox.

What about a petit campaign starring Jameson Locke?
It would be nice if 343 did it

Halo: The Endless is supposedly going to be the second part of the Halo Infinite campaign as a DLC addition, whether paid or a free-content-update is unknown. Atriox and The Xanalyn are supposedly going to be taking center stage in this arc of the campaign.

The islands to the North-East are unable to be explored and are unfinished due to staffing and time constraints during development.

thank you.
HALO TheEndless… I just thought it had disappeared

Because I’m happy with Infinite,
I hate everyone so much! There is also a place to feel.
As a Japanese, I hate that Mr. Toshima from Audio changed John’s voice actor from Bungie’s original version.
Product completion was delayed due to mistakes in the selection of Bonnie Ross.
No floods, no map variety due to the quirks of the open world, no concept of weather or day or night. When
I know you feel frustrated,

Well, it was fun.
I wonder if people are back in WinterUpdate?
I just want HALO to regain its popularity so I can play the sequel.