So I’m on waypoint and checking out the what’s new section and noticed that they posted a picture with all these symbols and images! I’m assuming its a code to be put in. Has anyone figured what it is for or how to use it???

I’ve tried entering them in all kinds of patterns, and tried it in alphabetical order, but to no a vale, so i have no idea. Hope someone can do it:P

I tried too I don’t know

the newest picture this week seems to be linked with succession. 4 are the campaign difficulties, 3 are weapons and 3 are covenant. The best I think would be linking each group together and finding what order the 3 final symbol groups need to be in.

It will only be a matter of time. We are all working on it.

This goes against my better judgement… But…

This thread has already figured everything out.

They’ve been doing it since Day 1, coincidentally a terminal code itself.

EDIT: This week’s picture puzzle code was solved weeks ago. It leads to the unlock for the Raider torso and 500XP.

So if it’s been solved, would anyone mind posting the glyph order here?

And if you’re not willing to give the answer how about a nice clue for us green backs!!!

Yea he’s right it was the raider torso. I already did it. In corolation to the pictures it represents it goes the following : grunt, elite, hunter, easy, normal, hard, legendary, pistol, DMR, Rocket Launcher. for those of you who do not have it you have it now. Enjoy your armor.

Raider Codes

There you have the Helmet, Torso and Shoulders:)