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I didn’t get to experience Halo 2 online, so i wouldn’t mind being able to now. in any case, we’ll see what 343i have up their sleeve :slight_smile:

I’m the same as you, Mr. Toast, I never experienced Halo 2’s online multiplayer experience, and would love to see it come back, especially seeing as they shut down the servers completely. And with the dedicated servers on the Xbox One, halo 2 anniversary (if it even has a multiplayer) there will be more players on there than one can dream of!! :smiley:

For starters I hope it comes with halo 2 multiplayer instead of doing what halo ce anniversary did. Not that I didn’t like what it did cuz I loved reach but I dont like halo 4’s multiplayer and don’t wanna play its multiplayer on halo 2 maps. After I just want them to fix the glitches for matchmaking like BxR and super jump.