Classic vs new gameplay compromise

I know that there’s been animosity between classic halo fans and enhanced mobility halo fans, and that’s virtually ruined the halo community. So here’s my idea on how to compromise between both groups.

  • Spartan abilities: Things like sprint, spartan charge, clamber, and ground point must be regulated in some way. How about taking away your motion tracker and turn speed when you sprint? Maybe take away shielding when ground pointing or charging as well. This will have the effect of nullifying over-use of spartan abilities and encourage classic gameplay without flat-out removing them. - Sandbox: Weapons are varied and work well in new Halo, but there are things that could use a change. Halo 6 needs to include more “non-professional” weapons. Things like the brute spiker, sticky detonator, and orginal covenant plasma rifle are all great examples of ‘non-pro’ weapons. If all weapons are made for HCS, then the casual community can’t really goof off with the weapons can they? The effect of this change will be to incorporate different elements and properties into the sandbox. - Artstyle and design: This is arguably the biggest gripe that the two demographics have with each other. Here’s my opinion. The UNSC uses too much white, grey, and blue in their tech. Things should look more militaristic and rough. The Covenant just looks retarded now. Although looking much better in Halo 5, the elites look very brutish and bulky. Of course due to their bear arms and the least imposing helmet I’ve ever seen. Elites have legit body armor, but the arms need to be covered up, and the helmet needs to look more sleek in its design. Spartans just need a halo reach-esque belt to look good in my opinion. With this setup, I think everyone could be satisfied with how enemies, as well as Spartans, would look and be represented in the games.

Classic gameplay won’t work well for the new Halo because the weapons have become much easier to use and putting that with walking around everywhere will make the game too easy. Walking around removes the self discipline of not running around everywhere with always having your weapon at ready. While sprinting you have a chance of getting spotted first and punished for it. The skill gap between high level players and average players will greatly reduce. Good example of this is almost everyone I talk to in Halo 5 will claim that they were a 50 back in the day, so yea we would go back to something like that. The only spartan abilities that need nerfed or removed is the spartan charge and ground pound. Spartan charge is dumb because it rewards players for running at an enemy like an idiot which is not very methodical at all and is just a quick easy way to get a kill. Ground pound takes more skill to use but considering we have more vertical gameplay now it has become overused and is really annoying when you get ground pounded over and over because you can’t seem to get to higher ground due to bottom spawns. New gameplay is better because it’s very smooth and keeps the action going with almost no dry time. I couldn’t possibly imagine doing the walking flag juggle ever again it hurts to think about it honestly. One reason I think people hate the new gameplay is because it is harder and much faster than what they are used to. In Halo 5 I have 1-2 seconds to make a decision where as in Halo 3 I would have 3-5 seconds to make a decision because I’m walking everywhere. Another reason I think people hate the new gameplay is because it creates a much bigger luck factor. Whether you get a boost to strafe and pop a lucky shot off or you sprint to good positioning and grab a quick overkill without even realizing where you were supposed to go. As much as we like our old gameplay for nostalgic reasons it definitely won’t be the same as it used to be.

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