Classic Team Slayer

Needs More Maps.

Thats all I got to say…

Yeah that’s for sure. There were already Halo 2 remakes in Reach’s playlists like Pinnacle and Asylum, I don’t get why those weren’t added. I would rather much see MLG’s version of Sanctuary over Asylum though. And we also need some Halo 3 maps thrown into the mix…Guardian and The Pit anyone?

I agree. Although many don’t consider it a classic, The Pit needs a presence in Classic. The sheer awesomeness negates the fact it isn’t classic.

Double Post.

I’ve seen a Burial Mounds remake which would be great in Team Classic. I think Wrayze Hell showed me it actually.

By no means is halo 3 considered a classic maybe in some years but it wont be considered as an awsome classic. Halo 3 gameplay was very bland.