Classic Slayer gametype and Smart Link options

I have three parts to this, but they all revolve around something similar. I just like to be organized and detailed. I’d also like to preface this by saying I’m not trying to start some kind of argument about Halo’s gameplay. It is kind of a controversial topic I see, about Pro-Sprint and Anti-Sprint and all that jazz. I personally prefer the older traditional Halo gameplay but I don’t hate the current gameplay that much and if you like it that’s completely fine, but for the purposes of this post I’m going to be talking about the traditional Halo gameplay and how it could be applied to Halo 5. The first part will be talking about Smart Link as an option in Custom Games as well as different options that could be applied. The second part will be a question asking how I could effectively make a classic slayer or if a better one has been done already. The third part is gonna be about what 343 could do with a Classic Slayer gametype officially.

So I was just trying to make a custom gametype for Halo 5 which is a slayer that has the more traditional Halo gameplay. I edited out a lot of the new mechanics to get the classic feel. I think it was really cool to introduce those options to remove things such as Sprint and Clambering. But I noticed I couldn’t edit Smart Link. In the older Halo games, guns like the Assault Rifle and Shotgun didn’t have ADS. Only specific weapons did. So I think there should be something in the options to have more Smart Link options. Three options specifically. One for all weapons to have Smart Link, one for only precision weapons, and one for no weapons at all. It’d be very interesting I feel and it would greatly help make a more accurate Classic Slayer gametype.

On that subject, how would I go about making the most accurate Classic Slayer possible? I don’t know the older Halo games that in-depth, I only got into Halo during Reach. I’ve played some classic Halo before, especially thanks to the Halo MCC, just y’know had to wait like half a year for it to work. Right now I turned off all the new mechanics (Sprint, Clambering, Ground Pound, Stabilizer), and I also upped the movement speed and jump height to 110% each (to make up for some of the maps being stretched out). I haven’t been able to test it with friends yet but just playing by myself it feels pretty classic. But is there anything else I can do? Any way to improve? Or is there already a better Classic Slayer custom gametype out there?

My final point though, is probably my biggest and most reaching. I think 343 should try to support a Classic Slayer gametype. If they add the Smart Link options I mentioned earlier, set it to only precision weapons, then get rid of the new mechanics, they could have a Classic Slayer gametype. Then they could put it on Arena and I think that’d be a really great idea. No matter how you feel about Halo’s current gameplay, you can’t deny that many people, especially the older fans, would love to have the traditional gameplay back. Plus it’d help with the whole we don’t have a lot of gametypes thing. If 343 were to create a fully fledged Classic Slayer gametype, put it on Arena, and have maps for it (Many different ways to go about this: Remake classic maps from older games, edit the current maps to be more classic friendly, make new maps entirely, use community creations on Forge, etc.) it would be a large treat to the Halo community. Why not have the best of both worlds?