Classic Playlist

I have a possible solution to end all the fighting between classic Halo enthusiasts and fans of the twitch shooter that is H5.

How about a trial or weekend playlist called Slayer Classic with no spartan charge, thruster pack, ground pound, and maybe sprint. Personally I prefer classic gameplay but would keep sprint limited like reach just because of how most H5s maps are setup.

I am fine with no abilities at all but it shouldnt impact the classic feel that much if implemented properly. It would be sick to see the best community made forge classic maps enter the mix and hopefully a few maps have the HCE magnum and H2BR. If the playlist takes off we could just have both options then all of us win.

H5 isn’t a twitch shooter tho…

i I like both versions but I still see classic halo in the newer ones as well.

I’m all for games progressing and trying new things. It what has to happen. But a throwback playlist would be a ton of fun. I just think it be great to see everyone try to use smartlink, clamber, boost all of that. It would be a constant “oh, right” from everyone trying to use the new abilities.