Classic playlist please?

When can we recieve a classic playlist? I rly think that if we took off all the additions it would feel like halo 3. So that way people who want classic can get classic and people who like the add ons can play the add ons.

I second this… May be fun with the new weapons and such.

I wish to see an AR/Pistol start gametype so I don’t have to constantly see the BR/DMR/Carbine 4lifers.

I would like to see that also. Just like it used to be. I mean dont get me wrong i like some of the stuff they added i would just like classic feel to it like running around for a br or rushing sniper and rockets or getting overshoelds and camo.

YESSS, just in addition to current options. Just classic slayer!(with radars for those who will say “play slayer pro”)

Yes that also i feel slayer pro would be alot better with radar and just br starts with weapons spread on the map.

If they add this, it’ll need more arena type maps. Huge maps will kill this playlist :S.

I personally like all the map choices, but the thing that i want to know is y they dont put several of the maps that u can choose in custom games.

A classic playlist will be great as long as it’s actually classic! Meaning no perks, armour abilities, specialisations, loadouts, also have gun and power up spawns on the maps. Finally, it can’t just be all slayer, they’ll need to put different gametypes in it to keep you playing it. If all this is done, I might come back to Halo 4.

Thats exactly what i want hopefully they can put this playlist in, i think itll bring back alot of halo players who gave up on this game.

10000% agree
a playlist were you spawn with assault rifle and a pistol and no instant spawn would give this game a real halo 3 feel

Exactly hope they really are putting thought into this