Classic Playlist in Matchmaking

This is a question for 343i regarding Halo 5 Multiplayer Matchmaking

To 343i, I like what you’re doing with Halo for the most part but some of the new things that you’re doing make me a little uneasy like the addition of Spartan Abilities in Multiplayer. The Sprinting ability doesn’t bother me so much but Ground Pounding, Charging and Thruster Pack are abilities I’m not looking forward to going up against in the arena.

If you (343i) are going to leave in spartan abilities in the core game, will you at least offer a classic competitve playlist at launch that turns all these abilities off ?

They said you can disable sprint and the new Spartan abilities in custom games. So they probably will have it. I don’t see why not.

It won’t be there day one when they’ve made every map in the game with sprint in mind. We’ll have to wait until we get some forge maps in there to play classic in multiplayer.

The maps aren’t designed for a classic style, but they can easily be made with forge. Hopefully they do add a classic playlist, because I don’t want any of those useless gimmicks like clamber, thrusters, sprint, etc…and maybe even add the classic zoom, since the BR zoom was absolute terrible.