Classic playlist in Halo 5

I think many people have been enjoying Halo 5’s multiplayer as is, but what 343 doesn’t seem to realise is that there are many old players who are not happy with it. I personally enjoy halo 5’s multiplayer, however, it gets tiring some times, it feels too fast paced. It feels like every game is a race and you have no time to stop or take a breath. Not that this is a problem because many people like that, but many others (especially players who grew up playing Bungie’s Halo) are not very pleased. I believe a nice solution to this would be a classic playlist or two. Classic Halo was a lot less stressful, and you had more time in-game to relax and to think. I’m not saying any of the two are better, but certainly, sometimes you just want to relax.

Anyways tell me what you guys think, and please support this topic if you feel like classic playlists should be added.

I might play the game again if that were to happen.

I would def like a classic playlist. Bring some nostalgia to the game.

Hello to everyone who has read this post, I want you guys to know that I changed my mind about the classic playlist being added to Halo 5. I changed my mind after watching this video: Classic Playlists in Halo 5 Won't be Good! - YouTube . I still want classic halo gameplay really really badly, and I won’t go into detail right now, if you are interested please watch the video and share it, but basically Halo 5’s sandbox isn’t fit for classic gameplay. And if they were to release a classic playlist in this state it would only hurt the game.

Please watch and share the video I posted, it’s really important to get the message out. All credit for this argument goes to the Youtuber