Classic Playlist - Add Sanctuary and Ascension remake!

Hello 343! This is a simple request, that I am hoping you will consider. I have asked Bungie multiple times on their forums, and people have seemed to agree with me every time; but I change was still never made.

I spend 99% of my time in matchmaking in the classic playlist. I LOVE the playlist, it’s settings and all the fabulous remakes of my favorite old school maps.

However what I do not understand is why all the remakes are not added into the playlist. Ascension and Sanctuary were remade in forge (Asylum/Pinnacle) when Reach was shipped but were the only two remakes to not make it into the Classic playlist. Why? Who knows…

So considering you are now taking control of the Halo online multiplayer, I’d really appreciate it if they were added into the playlist… it really doesn’t make sense that they’re not.

Thanks again!

  • Branden.

Comments & Criticism welcomed.

Uh, so you never played on Asylum or Pinnacle?

Search forgehub for Altitude by xx overkill vr. There is also a good Sanctuary remake called Sanctum, I believe, by the same author. Sanctum is based off MacXL’s version IIRC.

> Uh, so you never played on Asylum or Pinnacle?

Asylum stinks. You shouldn’t be able to see from sniper spawn to sniper spawn. I wish they’d throw the Sanctuary remake in its place.

> Uh, so you never played on Asylum or Pinnacle?

Both of those are an insult to the entire idea of a remake.

And to be honest I’m really tired of Sanctuary. It was bland in Halo 2, it’s a chore in Reach, I’d prefer it just be wiped off the face off the Earth.

I never said I didn’t know about Asylum and Pinnacle, in fact those were the maps I was referring too. Let me rephrase what I was trying to say.

Can you please add Asylum and Pinnacle into the classic playlist 343 Industries. I do not see a reason why they aren’t already part of it.