Classic Mode???

This is just to ask the entire community about this :slight_smile:

we won’t see it but i would like to

This poll is completely free for opinion. Reply if you want :slight_smile:

This would be perfect with the small maps in Halo 5.

This would be cool, except for the fact that the maps are designed with splinter clamber and the other spartan abilities in mind. It wouldn’t work well with the maps we have.

I’ve said it before that I don’t think 343 like the idea of halo playing better without some of these movement abilities so I doubt we will ever see a classic playlist, if anyone wants some settings to try out I made a thread about them [here

I]( tested the movement to try and match the speed of H2 gameplay by using midship and truth for comparison, most clamber jumps become regular jumps and the mancannons are affected by the gravity but it plays pretty well on the existing maps

That would make a nice social playlist, and if it works out it would be interesting to see as a competitive mode.

Thank you for your comments and votes on this matter, continue to post and vote, hopefully 343 notices this :slight_smile: