Classic Mode Problem.

Hi guys. I seem to have a problem. While playing, if I switch to Classic mode what displays is very obscure. It will place me in some polygon version of the mission. Every thing will be white and missing alot of texture. My weapons are screwed up (for example the plasma rifle will be green). When I switch back parts of my HUD will be missing such as the reticle. I’m not sure if it’s my xbox, hard drive, or game. My disk however is completely unscratched. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

How old is your Xbox?
Do you have the game installed to your HDD?
Have you tried clearing your cache?

If you have your disc installed, try uninstalling and playing again, if doesnt work, ry installing again.

If you dont have it installed, try installing your disc.

If you are part of the Xbox LIVE Early update program, try playing on other xbox (maybe your console is the problem). If the same problem happens on the other xbox, then contact Microsoft about the disc.

Also try clearing the cache like the dude above me said.

Try playing in splitscreen, if it happens the same, contact microsoft