Classic Maps

There are a number of maps I think would be awesome in the new Halo 5 world. Lets bring them back.

A few that I can think of:
Lockout (duh)
Ivory Tower

I think a ‘Classic Map’ dlc would be amazing

I would hope that they don’t use dev resources for re-makes when the new forge seems more than capable of providing these kinds of maps. Of course, I’m suspicious of re-makes to begin with. I always find that what I used to think made a good map is not what I think makes a good map now. Your list is cases in point. And I also get tired of the controversy over re-makes - people hating on them because they’re not identical to the originals, or because they are identical but no longer play properly because of sprint. Or, in the case of H5, because of sprint, thruster, and clamber. Re-makes are just an open invitation to the haters and malcontents.

If you can recreate the Classic maps we still slobber with nostalgia for then I would gladly play them for that sake. I feel that a lot of people give hate for people wanting Classic maps for multiple reasons:

  1. This is a new game. We should embrace new maps with a new disc. Newness for the sake of new.
  2. Movement mechanics would make an old map play completely differently. (But I would actually love to see how Halo 2’s Ivory Tower would play now with the clamber mechanic. I always felt like I got trapped in the rocket ammo basin or at shotgun too often.)
  3. Too many people bought a new Halo game hoping that it would play exactly the same or at least close to identical to the Halo game that they remember winning a few time whilst playing. When they get stomped with the new mechanics and gameplay they cry out for maps that they remember and to remove the new mechanics and abilities. Only to find out that they still don’t play well versus a much broader opponent base.
    To revisit your first point: I honestly hope that they don’t waste their own computing cycles and development hours at 343i to recreate “Classic” maps. I want them to revitalize their new maps and make something completely unique for Halo 5 rather than these drab and easily forgotten maps that we have at launch.

I understand what both of yall are saying. But like the point Savage made, I crave that nostalgic feeling I believe would come from playing Guardian again. I got a few rounds in from the Master Chief collection and had a great time. SWAT on that map would be a glorious blood bath due to the close proximity and I don’t think the new moving mechanics would affect it based on the idea that you could basically crouch hop on every ledge already.