Classic Maps/Modes

Love it so far, best time on a FPS in years. I just need more. TBH the community as a whole is gonna need a lot more content soon. Give me some classic map fan service, classic gun fan service, and classic game types. In BTB ,a classic mode is a no brainer. With full vehicle starts for 1 flag and 1 bomb/2 bomb. Max carnage game types are ok, and a nice break from the ranked grind.


I’d love to see Lockout return & bring back the One-Sided VIP gamemode, I feel like it could work great in Infinite.

Why though? What would that actually add to Halo Infinite? Nevermind that it can surely by made in Forge, no dev resources required.

Infinite in my opinion has the strongest Oddball maps in Halo history. Live Fire, Recharge, Streets are all amazing Oddball maps. So what we really need are good symmetrical maps, Narrows would be wild as an example.

Because I enjoy the map thoroughly. (★ ω ★)

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They do need to add more maps but I don’t think they need to add too many more guns. They took them out for a reason and the game plays great right now other then the few guns that need a little work to be more useful.

Yeah having no remakes as of yet is crazy to me. Really hope they bring back some fan favorites.

TBH I was hoping they’d pull a Smash Ultimate and just do literally every map and game from every past Halo; ya know “Halo Infinite” and all that. Maybe eventually lol, but yeah right now the map and mode selection is pretty minimal

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