Classic Magnum and Shotgun

For a game selling itself as a return to roots and spiritual reboot, why is the SPNKR happening again? Why are you changing designs just to simply change them. It seems like they dont even play too different, it isnt like the shotgun is a semi auto and not a pump, or the new pistol is an automatic or something.

Why are classic designs on a game thats marketing how classic it is being thrown to the wayside for very generic looking weapons?

the tactical shotgun and magnum have to be in infinite at launch. not having it, especialy as they were very balanced and main stay weapons, is very bad.

The question is what other classic weapons have they replaced??

They only mentioned those two because they were specifically asked about those two.

We have not seen the SPNKR or Sniper Rifle yet.

And will the Sentinel Beam Emitters from Halo CE make a return?