Classic halo maps that halo infinite could use

  • Sidewinder (CE) (Big map that looks good and could be turned into a BTB map)
  • Chill out (CE)
  • Derelict (CE)
  • Timberland (CE) (Could be turned into a BTB map)
  • Hang 'em high (CE)
  • Damnation (CE)
  • Wizard (CE) need more maps with portals
  • Prisoner (CE)
  • Battle creek (CE)
  • Blood Gulch (CE) for CTF 4 v 4 with a banshee and warthog on each side

Any large maps can be turned into BTB maps

  • Lock out (H2)
  • The pit (H3)
  • Exile (H4)
  • Ascension (H2) for shotty snipes
  • Boarding action (CE) shotty snipes
  • Sword base (Reach) Infection
  • Breakneck (REACH)
  • Haven (H4)
  • Midship (H2)
  • Guardian (Maybe a flood variant) (H3)
  • Narrows (H3)
  • Zanzibar (H2) Maybe turn into a larger map for BTB

These maps could be ported and given a fresh coat of paint and maybe expanded as map filler in the long 6 month seasons

  • YES!

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Isn’t this one of the worst maps in CE?

Avalanche Could also be expanded into a BTB

I like it. It would be fun for shotty snipes

you forgot:
Death Island
Danger Canyon
Ice Fields
They will infinite just fine

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Yeah, those too. There’s soo many maps that could be ported with a new coat of paint to help with the long 6 month season