Classic Gametypes in halo 2 customs were just dope

If anyone here remembers fondly the old halo 2 custom games that were played and wishes to play them again my gamertag is ‘iB RogueLeader’

When i say old halo 2 custom games i mean games like Cat and Mouse, Lava Man, Clue, Zombies, Mike Myers, President, Troy, Tower of Power, thats all i can think of for now hahaha

They were pretty great and i would like to play them again so if anyone else feels that way lets get a little gang going :stuck_out_tongue:

If there are any other old games that i forgot to mention please comment down below, I’d love to remember them all :smiley:

ill play

i also remember playing something called “hide and seek” but im down to play and help in whatever ways i can add my gt