Classic FFA Truth(No Ars only magnum as primary)

Feeling nostalgic and prefering more classic halo movements even when playing arena with an elite controller and only having sprint on my bottom right paddle(for now)I decided to create a classic halo FFA map on Truth in custom games where you only have the Magnum as primary weapon(No ARS cause they are a bit( a bit) op and promotes to some degree camping around corners.There are default power weapon and power up pickups and here are the player traits.Also I want to try to get people to do some custom game FFA every now and then using this style of gameplay,try playing it here with some friends.If you can download it successfully and have played the right mode you can like the map and give any feedback you have even on the base movement strafe,the only magnum starts,this type of weapon sandbox,jump height etc.Here is the link to my fileshare here on waypoint:
Game Settings:Default
Player traits Starting from Thruster Pack:
Thruster Pack: Off
Spartan Charge: Off
Ground Pound: Off
Base Movement
Movement Speed: 100%
Forward Speed: 100%
Strafe Speed: 100%
Forward Acceleration:100%
Strafe Acceleration:100%
All spartan abilities turned: OFF
Primary Weapon: Magnum,No Secondary
Respawn timer: 5 seconds
Score to win: 25 points.