Classic covenant style vehicles?

Not sure if this has been discussed but will the classic halo covenant vehicles be available in the game in some form?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the banished design and it should be like that for the campaign. But on the other hand I would like classic stuff in mp, custom games and forge.
Perhaps this could be added in later on just like (hopefully) playable elites.

I would have to imagine that they will be available in forge but it all depends what happens in the campaign because multiplayer maps and items are typically based off the story as well so if there are covey camps that aren’t banished aligned then maybe we will but if the only bad guys are banished then I doubt it except in forge where everything should always be an option. Then the playable elites I think as long as this new season 7 of MCC with all the elite unlockables is doing very well and they see a majority of players want the elites then there is no reason they shouldn’t add them later. MCC is basically a big testing ground for Infinite.

They might be skins.

Maybe in the form of cosmetics? We know vehicle coatings are a thing, so who knows.