Classic BR?- Permanent Loadout Warzone

Hello All!I have been playing HALO 5 now for a while now. I have been playing WAR-ZONE and have some pretty good requisitions and some good things, but I had a few questions…Battle Rifle: I only have the recon sight for the rifle in my Warzone Loadout-- I am level SR 26 and have played TONS of WAR-ZONE games and STILL DO NOT HAVE A CLASSIC BR Permanent Loadout Requisition… HOW DO I GET THE CLASSIC SIGHT instead of the recon sight? – I have tried to research and cannot find anything.–RP Requisition Packs: How do I redeem the RP Requisition Packs?Weapon Skins?-- I don’t have any Weapon Skins!- How Do I get them?Thanks for any advice in advance

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On Halo 5’s main menu, you can press Y to bring up the Requisitions page. From there, you can buy bronze, silver, and gold packs with your REQ points. Alternatively, you can get them here on Waypoint on this page, assuming your Xbox Live account is linked to your Waypoint account here. The Classic BR is a common REQ, so you can unlock it by opening bronze packs. If you want a Classic BR with an attachment, you should open silver packs since they are ranked as uncommon. Since you’ve played a lot of Warzone games, you should have plenty of points saved up already. Whether or not you’ll get one depends on how many common/uncommon REQs you’ve already unlocked. For example, I had every common REQ unlocked before they released the classic BR, so I got it in the first bronze pack I opened. Hope this helps.

Thanks so much. It helps, its just that I have unlocked so many req packs and only have the RECON sight. I wonder how many more Ill have to open to get a classic BR? Ill keep going after the Bronze Packs.

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There’s no need to sign your forum posts, friend. You’re just asking to be pranked and spammed.

Keep buying silver packs and you’ll get stuff eventually.

I just got it today from a silver pack. You just gotta get some common reqs outta the way.