Classic BR or Modern BR?

I’ve found the fire rate very underrated and even fire power of the more modern BR. Views?

Classic BR > Modern BR.

Absolutely Classic. I prefer H2A version than H5.

Classic all the way!

The Legendary Halo 2 Battle Rifle within Halo 5 is my favorite version or iteration of the Halo Battle Rifle.

I actually preferred the modern BR until the nerfed it. Now people use the boltshot more than the BR.

The classic version is better although the aiming feels a little weird to me.

Honestly every iteration of the BR (except in Halo 3) was awesome up until post Halo 5 nerf BR in my opinion

H2BR = G.O.A.T

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> H2BR = G.O.A.T

H2 BR is the love of my life.

Of course I will have to choose the classic halo 2 br, I mean the modern br is good but the classic br is BETTER