Class action against game

So the question I pose is this, are the issues with playing the game significant enough and widespread enough to warrant a class action lawsuit?

Here are the key points

  1. People bought the game with the belief they could play it when they put in their xbox
  2. No where in the advertising does it state a download was needed to play campaign mode
  3. If the company did in fact know that the game on the disk would be useless without the day one patch did they make a good faith effort to inform customers
  4. Could the company have reasonably shipped product with all required content to allow playing of the game without 9 gigs of day one download
  5. The company entered into a contract when they agreed to supply a product for a price. They accepted our money but have not delivered the game.
  6. The game will be delivered I’m sure but what constitutes reasonable compensation for the loss of time playing and emotional distress caused by the company not delivering on their promises ( if you don’t think there is legitimate emotional distress then check the forums its a real thing)
  7. There is no way to contact the company when these issues happen, no phone no email just people posting on a forum with no interaction from the company so we the customers are feeling betrayed and neglected .

all I wanted to do is play my new game but I’m stuck at 84% download of the patch and I can’t access the game without it. I see no response from 343 despite several people having this problem. I have been sold a faulty product.


The answer would be ‘no’, probably a few dozen times over no.

Sorry you’re having troubles, but games typically have bugs on release - that’s not a lawsuit thing there. And if you’re having that much problems, contact support directly. You’re more likely to get quick assistance there than on a community forum.

Yeah I know you guys are right but what else was I going to do with the hours and hours of waiting for the download besides get mad and vent. The wait time on tech support was ungodly and the guy i was able to talk to just said lots of people were having similar issues. Its now been 18 hours and I’m all the way up to 98% maybe when I get home from work it will be done. here’s to hoping. Thanks for listening and replying I guess we have to help each other because the company wont do it.