Clans and Teams for competitive Halo - IN SEARCH OF

Hi All - As I’m sure is the case with many on this forum, my love for competitive Halo began in the Halo 2 MLG era. I remember having so much fun at local LAN parties and even online tournaments on GameBattles.

I recall Clans being pretty prominent back then - Like, it was pretty cool to be involved with one, especially when/if there were any online tournaments going down. Forgive my ignorance, as I’m just a 32-year-old Dad now, but is that scene still around?

In any case, I’m looking for some players to team up with on Ranked. I peaked as an Onyx in Halo 5 FFA and I’m currently a Diamond 3 in Infinite.

Anybody out there down to put a team together and play some Ranked games in the evenings?

My Gamertag is PIP f34r…Add me on Xbox Live

I’ve messaged you on Xbox :slight_smile: