Hello all, consider this a formal invitation to look into a legit clan that has been around for almost fifteen years. Once a strictly Diablo 3 community, The Roman Empire is extending out into the Halo: Reach community and is actively searching out the better players.

We are recruiting for players of varying play styles: Pro, Casual, Finesse, etc and those interested in competing in various playlists: Lonewolf, Team Slayer, MLG, Multi Team, BTB.

Our near future plans may pit our clan competitors into nationally sanctioned competitions. Not only that, we are putting together clan competitions that will involve prizes like one year XBL, Microsoft Points, and TrE paid for gamertags.

Feel free to explore our website:

Also, check out a view of our youtube channels (gameplay, montages, tutorials):
TrE JMickelonis:

If this type of team oriented, fun, and friend comradeship is something that interests you please visit the Clan TrE forums for recruitment critieria. You may also hit me up with a friend request over XBL if you want to join or have any questions.

I will be online tonight, 3/3/2012 from about 8:30p to 12am (EST).

Hope to hear from some great players!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to make you all aware that Clan TrE (The Roman Empire), with their fifteen year history, is now avidly searching for great Halo: Reach players. Once a strictly Diablo clan, TrE has now branched out to other games; Halo, Gears of War, etc. We have open slots for SWAT, BTB, Teams, Singles, and Doubles. These teams will get together regularly, practice, and compete casually or at the MLG level. This is a very serious clan. The owner, Maximus, is extremely dedicated to this clan – I can say, I was skeptical about clans until I was recruited into this one. I am the commander of the Multi Team division – we welcome all sorts of play styles and preferences. If you are unsure of your skill or feel you need help in any facet of game play, we will gladly train.

Please visit our brand new website: Navigate the forums and look into this fantastic establishment. There are a lot of opportunities to be had in the near future. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have in our forums. You may also get in touch with me directly on XBL:TrE JMickelonis.

We have some youtube channels that you can browse as well. Those are linked from the website main page/forums.

Hopefully we’ll see any interested parties in the forums or on XBL. Thanks for your time!


You can also hit up RedTexan22 or TrE McDaddy with inquiries as well. Texan is the head of our BTB section and McDaddy is acting leader of TrE’s reach branch.

You may even hit up our facebook group or twitter account.!/groups/ClanTrE/!/ClanTrE

We found three excellent players yesterday while playing matches. Definitely need more!

Well isn’t this interesting was browsing on google look what I found Jesse :stuck_out_tongue:
What’s up people god our halo branch is really expanding with such a awesome variety of very talented players. RED just goes insane on the youtube videos huh JM.
Just type Clan TrE people on youtube, and enjoy lol.

P.S.S Free bump JM ^^

Oh hai. :slight_smile:

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