Clan Trainer/Apprentice (Halo4)

Looking for casual gamers who are not very good at Halo 4 (MCC) to train to become a Halo beast. My only requirement is this person plays Halo 4 very often and loves the game and wants to get better. I will tell you my personal philosophies on the game and teach you my very unique gaming style which I call ‘Jet shotokan’ It is a gaming style that not many halo players use. I see it as the dark side of halo. To know when to be aggressive and know when to be passive. To be able to eliminate flanks and take on teams of 4 on your own. To be unpredictable and enhance the power of deception, stealth and the foundations and building blocks to becoming a amazing shooter.

I have a very complex structure to teaching which involves drills. Things which may seem meaningless to you but will enhance your fighting force so that you can own on multiplayer and get a super high KD.

I am willing to step in as a clan trainer for any clans who want a one-off lesson in jet-shotokan or maybe regular sessions.

My current KD: 34,850
Deaths: 12,554

Add me on my gamertag: I Anti Christ I