Clan Talk

So this is an idea I’ve had for awhile, this topic is a page for clans of all stripes to share ideas and information, set up clan battles or just for fun matches.
Please Introduce yourself and your clan! :slight_smile:
I’ll start it off:
Hi, Im the leader of the blood wolves and I would like to compare ideas for ranking.
I haven’t really had a ranking system, but now I am implementing one based on a tournament with 1v1 game play, that would be what place you get in the tourney is what your rank would be. (tournaments occur tri-annually so new members can get a place) Is this a good method, or do you think there is a better method?
Thank you for your responses

wow. guess no one likes this idea

My clan doesnt really have ranks besides those who are squad leaders. I don’t think it’s necessary when everyone is mature. That being said, some people like military-like ranks which is cool if you’re into that kind of stuff.

ok that makes sense