Clan Revolution - Recruiting !

Relinquisheddd here, part of the clan Revolution ! we are looking for some new players and are an up and coming Australian clan with big plans and even bigger balls :wink: the future is bright and we want everyone to be a part - however make the clan BY TRIAL ONLY !

Looking for:

  • team players, whether that be objective or slayer based
  • competitive players, however you must be laidback, obviously a little bit of rage is not a problem
  • players with knowledge of traversing maps and strategy
  • skills with DMR and BR + ability to use sniper or ordinance (not high priority for ordinance)
  • willingness to promote the team/clan that we belong too, and compete in all CG ladder matches/online competitions
  • need a full time strategist to provide the team with ideal movements and kill lanes, as well as map tips and game type play styles

will provide training to those who require it and pretty much any player is gonna be accepted as long as their skills are upto scratch, organisation will be done via either social media or just through xbox live, even texts for those who think thats easier !

just looking for teams to play Halo 4 with online, need to be fairly good as looking at making a 4v4 team outta this, possibly competing in MLG tournaments if we can qualify, message me here or at my GT (Relinquisheddd) and we can organise a little bit of a trial ! any questions im happy to answer also !

Hey bud,

I’ve been smashing Halo 4 since it came out. Lovin’ it. Looking for some people to play with. I’m SR 37 at the moment, and generally hit top on the leader board. Based in NSW, play pretty much everyday and probably will keep playing everyday.

Plus I’m looking to change my GamerTag, it’s like 5 years old now, haha.

Feel free to PM me. I’m sending you a LIVE request now.


GT - Papa Quaalude

ready for service

hey guys, ill pm both of you in game and we can get into a party and have a little mess around see how we go !

im based in NSW as well mitch so sounds like a pretty sweet deal, see if we can improve our kd’s overall and get ourselves a spot in a MLG Australia tournament sometime ! :)))