Clan Recruitment

Welcome to BlackBird!!!
As the title says, I am now looking for member to join my new clan! There are no members at the moment seeing as I am now launching the clan with a website already built! Im recruiting for many titles on all consoles! The clan name is “BlackBird” and the 1st couple of members that are interested in joining- I would like to get to know you a bit more because I am looking for a Title commander and co-commanders for Halo Reach on XBOX 360!!! The reason I want to recruit you folks is because I personally think that us hardcore gamers deserve to make something out of it, in order to do that- you join BlackBird and I am already a member of Contender gamining and I joined them because when the time is right. The will launch their ladder and us gamers will be able to WIN and WIN BIG! So if you are intersested in joining, please PM (Private Message) me. BlackBird is locally based in South Africa and if there are any South Aficans here, than welcome because I too am in SA. BlackBird isn’t just a clan, we recruit other clans and have them simply under the title of, “Clan of BlackBird” and when a clan is recuited to BlackBird, you will be given high ranking privleges and you clan leader will be made a Moderator. You can keep you name and clan tag and everything that makes you the clan you belong to. Also if you simply add BB infront or at the back of your username/gamertag, we will be able to identify you and so will other members! So please if your interested, you just need to do the following instruction, in your message to me please state the follwoing:
NameCountry or RegionTitle (Name of game you are want to join)
I will direct you to the BlackBird site upon messaging me! :smiley: Thanks for the read and hopefully see you soon :slight_smile:

Wow an African user thats awsome! back in the Halo 3 days i would look at the world map population and all of Africa was clear. Anywhos this sounds like a cool idea but the name drives me away. That and the fact that i have a small 4 man team that have some friends and family also im in a 18+ gaming community.