Clan Recruitment Xbox

If you are interested in joining a clan called UnitedStatesSpecialForce (USSF for short) hosted by me ZeroDarkAngel97 for Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC or Xbox let me know and i will get back to you soon i can (if you dont have the game for pc and only for xbox then let me know and i will get you set up there as well. The clan is on both pc and xbox so if you want to join feel free to respond to this by DM me with the username link provided above (ZeroDarkAngel97 or send a request to the spartan company by clicking the UnitedStatesSpecialForce and i will get back to you as soon as i can. Thank you for reading this and taking the time to respond hope to see you all on the battlefield (Rules and info needed about the clan will be explained when you received a message from me) Let me know what platform your on so i can get you set on the right platform. The requirements and things are the same for both platforms

Hello, I am Recruiting UNOR (United Nations of Recuiem). We are not a UNSC related clan at all. You will be asked questions when you join and will haft to change your 2d armor color, emblem, emblems colors and tags. Your armor is what ever you want, but no waring spartan helmets(ex. Gen 5/6 armor is ok.), not Sangheili armor, it you can ware it off line and not when you are clan based games. We ask that you are kind to everyone in the clan, we also have a 3 strike system. We will do recruitment this afternoon on Eastern time. Message me you Xbox username and discord if you have one. I will invite you from @madehalogod0912. Please join UNOR Spartan Company.You will need the fallowing to join:

  • A working Halo 5. - An Xbox live membership or GP membership. - Online game play active. - Must response to messages. - Discord is an opinion, but won’t get updated on info if not on. - XBOX ONLY!Must be:

  • Kind - Play Smart - No clan hopers - All can join - Respectful

Feel free to post recruiting messages for your guys clans as well i guess. I didn’t realize the title of the forum till now