Clan Recruitment- TheCheeseMasters

My clan is The Cheese Masters and we are simply a clan for fun and just to socialise(we are also very small) but if we do games its just custom games, Big team battles or the ranked arena. We don’t play competitively but in more of a social way.

  1. You don’t have to have a microphone but it doesn’t matter if you do
  2. Don’t curse too much, its fine every now and again but not a lot.
  3. All ages are welcome.
    The leader- Me
    Colonel - Friends of mine
    Captain - Anyone who is above rank 70 and has played 25 games with clan mates
    Lieutenant - Anyone who is above rank 50 and has played 20 games with clan mates
    Sergeant - Anyone who is above rank 40 and has played 15 games with clan mates
    Corporal - Anyone who is above rank 25 and has played 10 games with clan mates
    Lance Corporal - Any rank who has played 5 games with clan mates
    Private - Newcomers to the clan

Your rank will give you certain privileges in the clan, for example higher ranks will be able to take the place of a lower rank in full games if a higher rank lets them and lower ranks will have to do what higher say.

You won’t have to do anything with you service tag, emblem or armour so don’t worry.

We are still working on a forge base and we are still very small so our clan isn’t that good.
Thanks- Cheesy999960

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