Clan Recruitment-- ONI Section 0

we are currently recruiting members to our clan in Halo Reach, we are a military based clan and would like to find skilled players,
-No assassinating clan members
-No killing the leader for no reason
-No killing your teammates for no reason
more rules will be discussed while you are being trained, rule breakers will be punished with either a major or a minor
-Three majors and you are out of the clan
-Five minors and you are out of the clan
Majors and minors are cleared in 7 days but if bad behavior is constantly carried on you will be kicked
for more info add one of these players and message them:
SIII cadet
Clan Leader:
Chief Warrant Officer:
Captain Hetzer

Hello there, I am currently looking for a clan, been going lone wolf for a while. What are the age groups of your clan