Clan Recruitment for Mythic Knights

Hey there, i am here to tell you about my clan called MK, (Mythic Knights). If you are interested in joining a clan then message me on Xbox live.
If you’re not convinced, keep reading. Oh and check out our website as well,

Our clan provides…

  1. Ranking System
  2. Divisions
  3. In Clan Tournaments
  4. Clan Battles
  5. In Clan Events
  6. Tournaments
  7. Fame and fortune

If any of those are unclear to you already, i will be explaining them below.

1) Ranking System
Our ranking system consists of 6 (six) individual ranks.

  1. Paige - This rank consist of players recently joining the clan and who are still understanding the clan basis. This rank also includes people who are relaxed gamers.
  2. Squire - This rank consists of players who aren’t ready for clan battles but who need individual training. Of course these are people who want to become better gamers. We often call this squire training.
  3. Knight - This rank includes players who passed or don’t need squire training but still need to change their screen-name on the gaming platform they’re currently on. Basically, change their gamertag to a MK gamertag.
  4. Captain Knight - This rank includes players who have changed their gamertag, and passed squire training. But just because they have change their gamertag does not mean they are a Captain Knight.
  5. Noble Knight - This rank includes players who have stayed with MK and are valuable players. These players also have beneficial and privileges in MK.
  6. Elder - And the almighty rank, Elder. This rank is only to be nominated on. Only players who truly and absolutely truly stayed with the clan, helped the clan and influenced the clan is such a positive way can become an Elder. You may send a resume to become an Elder or become nominated.

2) Divisions
Division are one of the many exciting things in our clan. It is basically a squad of 2-8 active teammates who are of the rank Captain Knight or higher. Each Division must have a member with the rank Noble Knight (or higher) to become the leader of the Division. The rest of the slots for the division can be take by members of the rank Captain Knight or higher.
Divisions can go into tournaments, in clan tournaments or clan battles. You can also train with the people in your division. You can do whatever you want in your division.

3) In Clan Tournaments
In clan tournaments are bragging rights of who’s division is the best. But you do not need to have a division to participate. Depending on who hosts the tournaments, is what the rules are. Admission fee, reward, and rules are dependent on the person who host them. Also, they’re exclusive to the clan. Which means any non MK cannot be in this tournaments.

4) Clan Battles
Clan battles are usually a 4 against 4. Clan battles are self-explanatory. We also want to win them all. We have specific rules of clan battles on our website.

5) In Clan Events
In clan events are pretty much like in clan tournaments, just not skill related. It could be a making of a video, a custom game or just events in general. Whoever hosts them makes the rules.

6) Tournaments
Tournaments are open to any person who meet the requirements the host ask for. They can be very strict or very lenient. Again, whoever hosts them, makes the rules. Also you must advertise our clan, Mythic Knights. We may help with your tournament in any way, but we also want to get noticed.

7) Fame and Fortune
If you would like to get famous and receive money, so do we. We can be your sponsor in becoming the best and very best. We also might need you for in clan events. How ever the way it is, we would like to become famous and fortune. And i bet you do too.

These are the only few things i’ve covered. If you’re convince please message me via xbox live. My gamertag is MK Elder Toad
You can check out our website at
I am hoping to hear from you guys.