Clan Recruiting

Hey, we are a clan called MATCH which stands for Mexicans and Americans Together Change Halo and we plan on living up to the name by combining good players from both Mexico and the U.S. We have many goals such as wanting to be in tournaments and in season 2 of HCS and maybe winning some prizes along the way. Some other goals for our clan are to record on YouTube and stream on twitch as well as develop strong players in the Halo community. Also one thing is we are not to intense with our game play we tend to have fun and goof around while playing on weekends. Overall we just want to have fun but have some competition in there and grow players as well as being well known in the community. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please read the following requirements for joining our clan.
*1.You must be 13-16 years old but we do accept people that are 17 if they are a nice player as well as meeting most of the other requirements.
*2.You must be able to speak basic English meaning you do not have to have perfect grammar or speak longer words.
3.You must be from Mexico or the U.S.
4.You must be able to use teamwork while playing.
5.You must be able to follow orders and understand the chain of command.
6.You must be playing Halo for at least 3 weeks before joining this clan. (No exceptions)
7.You must be friendly to other clan members meaning not starting fights or cussing people out if someone does this to you notify a leader or co leader ASAP.
8.You must be able to participate in weekly practices and matches (Number of practices may very depending on the situation).
9.You must be able to communicate most of the time when the clan needs you (Not including vacations).
10.You must respect the leader and co leaders decisions.
11.If you cannot read or fully understand the forum questions reply to this topic and we will privately talk to you.
If you meet at least out 8 of 10 of these requirements then you can move on to the stages of recruitment below.
Stages of Recruitment:
1.Complete the application that I have made on google forum here: Halo Clan Recruiting
Success Rate=80% if you follow the requirements
2.If you pass the forum then we will contact you for a interview where we will ask you more questions in a party chat with a leader or co leader maybe both.
Success Rate=80%
3.If you pass the interview then you will move on to the 1v1 which is you against one of our clan members to test your skill (you do not have win to get in but try to).
Success Rate=85-90%
4.If you pass the 1v1 we will ask you to join us in a matchmaking setting to test you teamwork and communication skills (Not super high standards)
Success Rate=80-85%
5.If you pass the matchmaking setting you will be invited to the clan and you will be tested to see how you fit in for a few days or a week.
Success Rate=90-95%
6.After we have seen how you get along with the other clan members we will make you an official member and as you play and help we will up your rank in the clan.
If you are interested in starting this click the link and if that does not work copy and paste it into the URL and complete the form and then we will start the cycle.
We thank you for looking at this topic and we hope that you sign up and join our clan and if not we hope you have a good day.