Clan R.I.P

After retiring R.A.D (175-0 Clan Battles), R.I.P was made to take R.A.D’s place as a powerhouse clan. It is dedicated to excelling in teamwork, communication, and skill while helping its members become even better along the way. We are a serious clan that does not tolerate disrespect or messing around.

There are around 30 of us right now and we grow bigger and stronger everyday. There is always someone online ready to fight and win.

Remember, there is always a time for fun and always a time to be serious. We know how to balance the two.


*must be at least positive 10,000 (some exceptions are made)
*must be active
*must be serious
*must follow orders
*must never give up
*must have a mic

We play every game type including Invasion, BTB, MLG, TS

We have a ranking structure as well which you can progress on

If you are ready to step up your game, quit playing with randoms that you hope will be good and ready to play with a team that wants to do nothing but win then now is the time.
If you are interested, send me a message on xbox Live or on

Current Clan Battle Record 55-0

We are NOT a clan that will be playing custom games like infection or hot pursuit. If you are looking for a clan that just does that, go look in the BK section

We want to dominate and in the end, we just want our enemies to Rest In Pieces…

You can also apply on our forums on our new website:


who did you beat 175 times?

> who did you beat 175 times?

Other clans, obviously.
We beat clans like, UEG, KSI, DHG, WoW, NBL, FS, DKO, COE, Onyx, TPA, and a lot of other clans with EVERY video saved. I have about 20 battles saved on my fileshare as well. We beat 175 DIFFERENT clans. And we go by a whoever wins 2/3 matches just like you are supposed to, on REAL maps.

If you want to join, you can either message me on xbox live, or go and register on the clan website. Only serious applicants will be accepted. We will not accept people who mess around and complain all day.

Only ACTIVE people

ur clan is a big fail lol ur 175 but no one has heard of u hahahaha and u have nevered faced WoW

Lool Blackwolf. Why are you hating bro… WHY THE HATE???


Attention ladies and gentlemen from across the Halo community! Do you like playing matchmaking with a full team of interactive squad members? Do you enjoy going on winning streaks while racking up the kills? Do you like an organized group of loyal friends you can always rely on? Are you a thrill-seeking Custom Games player who can’t get enough of Halos wild carnage? Perhaps your more laid back and you just like to enjoy a casual game of co-op campaign… Whatever your interests are, prepare to have them all satisfied!
The CSR is recruiting today! A brotherhood of Halo players constantly looking for the next match, always on top of our game and always looking for new additions to our ranks. Not only are we looking for you to be our next member, we are looking for leaders!
If you consider yourself a leader, someone who can take charge and help lead a team of Spartans and Elites to victory, then come aboard and show the whole Halo community what you can do!
If you see yourself as more of a follower, don’t fret. We need people like you too! Without you we wouldn’t have a team!We’re all about action, teamwork and having a blast! If you think this is the right Clan for you then check out the link below. See you on the battlefield soldier!

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