Clan politics in Halo 4 file share.

I can’t stand all of the stupid clan recruiting pictures that make up the majority of Halo 4’s file share… I don’t care and their annoying.

Has anyone else seen the clan picture that states that they don’t except blacks, catholics,or jews! HOW DID THAT MAKE IT ON THE FILE SHARES MOST DOWNLOADED AND RECOMMENDED, AND WHY HASN’T IT BEEN REMOVED YET? Has any one else seen and reported this picture? I mean all Clans do fore Halo 4 is give them a bad image, we aren’t just a collection of racist pre-teens this is ridiculous!

What can be done to keep all of the clan politics out of Halo 4? Because If your like me your sick of it…

I understand where your coming from. and they can be quite offensive. I would just report them as I see them and move on. dont let stuff like that ruin it.

P.s. A tip of friendly advice you topic could be a little more constructive. that way you can receive a better discussion.

My only question is, how those pictures made it to “MOST DOWNLOADED” & “MOST RECOMMENDED”?

That is a fantastic question, just as it’d be good to know how the on Earth they’re still up there.

They should be reported and removed about three seconds after that, it’s ridiculously poor.

These sort of things make me sick.

Back when I was on those lists on Reach, it was for finding a glitch that nobody else had seen before, EVER. Now it’s for being racist and offensive.

I agree I can’t believe the picture is still up, because I immediantly reported it.

Totally agree with OP regarding inappropriate tags/descriptions.

  1. There should be an easy report feature.

  2. All reports should be looked into by 343i staff or a team of trusted volunteers (much like the forum moderators here).

  3. Reports which are upheld should lead to a temporary ban of file share privleges (or the ability to apply tags if it’s for tag offenses) for the offenders responsible (increasing up to permanent for persisitent offenders).

I don’t know if any of this already exists - maybe it does.

Although perhaps we’re just supposed to use the X-box complaint procedure for in-game content creation violations (I think such a complaint exists).

Fileshare needs a more strict sort of procedure because it is a very badly abused system. The most recommended and Downloaded are usually immoral, racist, or clan recruitment and its really sad.

I am also upset about that it’s filled with some clan pictures at the top.
I rememeber there were bad–Yoink- pictures or really funny like ‘this is sparta’ or ‘RUN!!!’ and even ‘Stealing recon’ and some other popular halo 3 pics (Batman picture, anyone remember that?’