clan partnerships

My name is Dante, “Leader” of a small band of mercenaries DementedTeaParty. We are not a clan we are a party and we are looking for customers/partners who will use our skills. We trade favors for favors. We hope to hear from you all.

What kind of favors :wink:

The Black List is looking for such connections…though I’m a bit nervous of the favor for favor part. Talk to TBL Malignant for more info.

Rules regarding favors are such. Favors are limited to the amount of or the quality of the favor. Example, if you ask for a hit on someone we can ask for a favor of equal statis such as reinforcements or the right to reject a another favor in the future. Or if so choose we chould divide it up into multiple smaller favors equaling out to the original favor. In turn it works both ways. Say we ask for a favor that is larger than what you owe, you save it for a favor of remaining proportions. If you would like to know more message DanteShadowGear for more info or a request of a partnership.